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Albert Place, Dumbarton Road
Tel: 01786 471917

Stirling Smith

Founded in 1874 with a legacy from Thomas Stuart Smith, Painter and collector. The Smith gallery and museum in Stirling houses a wide range of paintings,artworks, historical and archaeological material and a changing programme of exhibitions.
Programmes for adults and children include art exhibitions, events, workshops and school education service.

Open All year
Tues-Sat 10.30-5 and Sundays 2-5.
Admission is free.
Disabled access and facilities
Cafe serves lunches, snacks, teas and coffees with home baking and is open daily to 4.30pm.
The friends of the Smith offer guided tours every Wednesday afternoon to groups and individuals and at other times by arrangement. For further information please telephone 01786 471917

A heavenly gift for the Stirling Smith

Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum artist June Carey RSW

This year is the 140th birthday of the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum, the gift of Thomas Stuart Smith (1814-1869) to his family town. To celebrate it, artist June Carey RSW, also a native of Stirling has gifted two angels who will fly into a permanent position over the door of the main gallery. The angels share a gold star and star dust between them, in homage to T. S. Smith’s Art Gallery, and carry significant objects from the Smith’s collections.

The male angel has the Guildry Ring of 1340 over his left arm. The female angel has the Key of Stirling over her right arm. Both have images of the Stirling Heads on their arms and are tattooed with June Carey's love poems.

June Carey has spent months perfecting the size, shape and content of the mural to suit the spaces in the Smith’s archway. Elspeth King, Director of the Stirling Smith said, "Paintings for the architectural spaces in public buildings in Scotland are a rarity. With this work, the artist has complemented the classical architecture, given meaning to the collection, beautified the building and thanked Thomas Stuart Smith in the only way in which a good artist can be thanked – with a beautiful work of art, which will endure."

Colin O’Brien, Chair of the Smith Trustees and a member of Stirling Guildry said, "Many objects from the ancient Guildry of Stirling are in the Smith’s collections, and we deeply appreciate seeing the importance of the Guildry symbolised in this precious Stirling painting."

An outstanding Scottish artist, June Carey has a lifetime’s work behind her, which she has drawn together in a special book, The Art of June Carey: Seeing through the Dreams. Prices are £16.99 (paperback) £22.99 (hardback) and £120.00 (limited edition hardback with etching).

This is an opportunity to buy an important work encompassing a slice of Scotland – and Stirling’s – art history in a year which his significant for all of us. The installation costs of the mural have been met with money from the Janey Buchan Memorial Fund. Janey Buchan (1926 – 2012) was a Trustee of the Stirling Smith, Member of the European Parliament for Glasgow 1979 – 1994, and was actively involved in all of the creative arts - music, theatre, film making and museums and galleries.


The Stirling Smith is proud to create and host a wide variety of different exhibitions every year, showcasing many different disciplines including fine art, social history, cultural history and other subjects of local and national interest.

In recent years we have presented exhibitions focusing on subjects ranging from the history of golf to the Titanic. Others have dealt with the lives of illustrious figures of Scottish history such as George Buchanan and Sir William Wallace, and celebrated the work of artists from all over the world. There are always new and exciting things to see in our galleries.

SEE Current and Forthcoming Exhibitions at the
Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum

Upcoming Exhibitions

Gallery 1, 11 April - 22 June 2014
Norman McLaren (1914 - 1987)
Film maker Norman Mclaren was born in the house opposite the Smith. This exhibition looks at the influence of Stirling on his life.

Gallery 2, 16 April - 12 October 2014
Bannockburn 700
700 years after the Battle, we look at what Bannockburn has done for us.

17 January - 20 March 2014 PGA Ryder Cup Heritage Exhibition

Gallery 2, the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum ADMISSION FREE

The Ryder Cup has become famous worldwide, and every two years the best players from Europe and the United States compete to win this iconic tournament.

As Gleneagles host the Ryder Cup in 2014. The Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum is pleased to announce that it will be the first Scottish host for the PGA Ryder Cup Heritage Exhibition.

Golf fans will be able to follow the story of the Ryder Cup from its creation in 1926 at the Wentworth club, through to the 2014 tournament.

Programme of Events to follow shortly:

1 February - 6 April 2014 Stirling Stitched

Stirling Smith - smith banner

Gallery 1, the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum ADMISSION FREE

Exhibition by the Stirling and District Embroiderers Guild, featuring the work of 29 textile artists.

Twenty textile artists have collaborated on the new banner, sewn by the members of the Stirling and District Embroiderers Guild.

With the 140th birthday of the Smith, the 700th anniversary of Bannockburn, the centenary of the Great War, and the 50th anniversary of the Stirling – Dunedin twinning, the Year of Homecoming 2014 is a special year for Stirling and the Guild members have created a new work of art to mark it.

Drawing all of the threads of history together has been a year-long labour of love for the artists. Depicted on the banner is the Stirlingshire landscape, wild flowers, and some of the best built heritage – the Castle, Wallace Monument, Bannockburn, Cambuskenneth Abbey, the University and the Smith itself. The Stirling Heads make a special appearance.

The banner has been skilfully constructed in three parts, allowing each of the parts to be displayed separately, in different places, if required in future. Provost Mike Robbins, who is also a Smith Trustee, welcomed the Banner to the Smith.

The Banner is in the Stirling Threads exhibition in the Stirling Smith, which runs until 6 April and includes everything from a Bishop’s Preaching Scarf to a pair of shoes made for a fairy and finely embroidered evening bags.

25 October - 24 December 2013 MACH GOES COMMANDO
Stirling Smith - Commando inspired art by David Mach

Commando inspired art by David Mach

DC Thomson’s Commando books supply the ammunition for fine artist David Mach, who currently has an exhibition at the Smith. The work featured is inspired by Commando, the comics of David’s youth.

"They are not just based on them, they actually use bits of Commando books. Really it comes from doing collage – I spent many years making collage in all sorts of varieties and shapes. I started collecting the magazines, ripping them up and filing them under things like explosions, seascapes, deserts, jungles. That was the beauty of the Commando magazines, you could go from the Sahara Desert in one story to the jungles of Borneo in the next. I started filing all this stuff and made things like beach scenes out of it."

"Commando books, they were a big part of my cultural youth, along with a huge bunch of other comics, books and cartoons produced by DC Thomson, I think I was really affected by the drawing. The quality of the drawing in all of these comics and publications was really high. DC Thomson’s artists were of an exceptionally high calibre. That company went to a lot of bother to produce their comics. They were inspirational and are still inspirational now."

Working with a huge variety of mass-produced objects, including tyres, bricks, match heads and coathangers, Mach, who was nominated for the Turner Prize in 1988, has established a reputation as one of Britain’s best-loved and iconic artists. From Polaris, a recreation of a nuclear submarine made from 6,000 car tyres outside London’s Hayward Gallery in 1983 in protest against the nuclear arms race, to his brick Train, built near Darlington. Mach’s work is bold, witty and technically accomplished.

Mach, who joined the Royal Academy of Arts as Professor of Sculpture in 2000, recently announced his most ambitious project to date. Inspired by its 400th anniversary in 2011 Mach is exploring the language, stories and legacy of the King James Bible in a variety of media.
John Freeman

Mach Goes Commando runs until 24th December.

Stirling Smith - Farm Life Image
The Stirling Story

The main exhibition in Gallery 3 of the Stirling Smith art gallery and museum is The Stirling Story, telling the story of Stirling from pre-history to the 20th century. Using artefacts from the Stirling Smith collections, topics include the Romans, Wallace and Bruce, Renaissance Stirling, Jacobite Rising, trades and industry, agriculture and the two World Wars.

This important display features for the first time in the Smith's history, an interpretation of the history of Stirling, told using artefacts from the Smith collections. It has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and sponsorship from Scottish Amicable.

Allow at least 1 hour for browsing as the exhibition is full of detail. A variety of quizzes & games are provided for children.

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Stirling Smith - Farm Life Image

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