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William Wallace
Robert the Bruce
The Battle of Bannockburn
Mary Queen of Scots
Rob Roy MacGregor
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William Wallace
william Wallace Braveheart William Wallace
By James Mackay

One of history's greatest heroes and one of its greatest enigmas - a figure whose edges have been blurred by myth and legend. This biography tells of a man who, without wealth or noble birth, rose to become the Guardian of Scotland. It describes the heroism and betrayal, the valiant deeds and attrocities, and the struggle of a small nation against a brutal empire.

The Wallace by Nigel Tranter The Wallace
By Nigel Tranter

One of Scotland's finest Historical novelists, Nigel Tranter, with his version of the Wallace legend.

William Wallace by Graeme Morton William Wallace
By Graeme Morton

Based on the research of Scottish historian Graeme Morton, this book is not a Biography but a study of contemporary sources and at how the Wallace myth has developed.

Robert the Bruce
The Bruce Trilogy by Nigel Tranter The Bruce Trilogy
By Nigel Tranter

This trilogy tells the story of Robert the Bruce and how, tutored and encouraged by the heroic William Wallace, he determined to continue the fight for an independent Scotland, sustained by a passionate love for his land.

Robert the Bruce By Ronald McNair Scott Robert the Bruce
By Ronald McNair Scott

When, after years of struggle, Scotland was reduced to a vassal state by Edward I of England it was Bruce who, supported by the Scottish Church and a group of devoted followers, had himself crowned at Scone as King of Scots and renewed the fight for freedom.

Robert the Bruce By Caroline Bingham Robert the Bruce
By Caroline Bingham

A biography of a great Scottish hero, who brought independence to Scotland which argues that the historic figure is not the same as the undoubtedly genuine hero of popular mythology.

In the Footsteps of Robert the Bruce By Alan Young, Michael J.Stead In the Footsteps of Robert the Bruce
By Alan Young, Michael J.Stead

This book takes the reader on Bruce's journey, from his birth to kingship and triumph at Bannockburn. Here are the sites and settings associated with Robert the Bruce, of the war with England and of the political power struggles within Scotland itself.

The Battle of Bannockburn
The Battle of Bannockburn 1314 By A.J.S. Nusbacher The Battle of Bannockburn 1314
By A.J.S. Nusbacher

A history of the most celebrated battle between Scotland and England. This book carries the reader through the politics and plans of a military campaign of the Middle Ages, including the logistical sinews of war, the drama of court intrigue and the violent clash of soldier against soldier.

Bannockburn By Peter Reese Bannockburn
By Peter Reese

Bannockburn is another rivetting foray into Scottish history from the author of the best-selling titles Wallace and The Scottish Commander. The Battle of Bannockburn, at which Robert the Bruce’s army vanquished Edward I, remains one of the most significant and ongoing sources of Scottish pride.

Mary Queen of Scots
Mary Queen of Scots By Antonia Fraser Mary Queen of Scots
By Antonia Fraser

3 marriages, 2 widowhoods, incarceration and execution. When it was first published in 1969, this biography won the James Tait Prize. A good insight into Mary's life and a great story about one of the most romantic and controversial figures in British history.

Mary Queen of Scots By Jenny Wormald Mary Queen of Scots
By Jenny Wormald

A story which has inspired poets, playwrights and operatic composers over the centuries. One of the most colourful and emotional tales of Western history told by a specialist of the 16th century.

Mary Queen of Scots By Susan Watkins Mary Queen of Scots
By Susan Watkins
Mark Fiennes (Photographer)

A lavishly illustrated biography of Mary Stuart with almost 200 colour plates.

Rob Roy MacGregor
Rob Roy MacGregor By Nigel Tranter Rob Roy MacGregor
By Nigel Tranter

This account reveals the real Rob Roy. The author investigates his true identity - was he really a blackmailer, cattle thief, coward and traitor or was he a latter-day freedom figher who kept the cause alive between the Risings?

Rob Roy MacGregor By W.H. Murray Rob Roy MacGregor
By W.H. Murray

This book brings together new interpretations of Rob Roy's life and times to produce an understanding of the character, actions and motives of a man who became a myth and symbol of Scotland.

Scotland Guides
The Rough Guide to Scotland The Rough Guide to Scotland
By Paul Tarrant, Rob Humphreys, Donald Reid

...Scotland is, quite simply, a wonderfully rewarding and diverse country to visit, encompassing everything from the rolling countryside of the Borders to the wild and weather-beaten islands that arc around its west and north coasts...with remote lochs, glens and Highland mountains lying less than two hours' travel from Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Scotland the Best! Scotland the Best!
By Peter Irvine

This guide to the best that Scotland has to offer provides thousands of recommendations covering a multitude of topics including: the best places to stay (whatever your budget); the best beaches; the best ice-cream; the best hill walks; the best bakers; the best spooky places; the best seafood; the best places for kids; and the best ceildhs.

The Rough Guide to the Scottish Highlands and Islands The Rough Guide to the Scottish Highlands and Islands By Rob Humphreys, Donald Reid

This guide highlights the best places to sleep, eat and drink, and in the remoter areas, whether there's anywhere at all. There is coverage of outdoor activities and background information on subjects ranging from the Highland Clearances to the wildlife of Orkney and Shetland.

Scottish History
The Picts and the Scots By LLoyd Laing, Jennifer Laing The Picts and the Scots
By LLoyd Laing, Jennifer Laing

Who were the Picts and the Scots? This account presents the latest archaeological discoveries and dicusses the evidence for the relationship between these two peoples, tracing their development from raids on Roman Britain to the formation of rival Dark Age kingdoms that produced a unique artistic inheritance.

A History of Scotland A History of Scotland
By J.D. Mackie

A one-volume history of the Scottish nation.
"JD Mackie's book remains one of the most readable and enjoyable histories of Scotland ever written".

The New Penguin History of Scotland The New Penguin History of Scotland
By R.A. Houston, W.W.J. Knox

The New Penguin History of Scotland brings together the work of Scotland's leading historians in a volume that is essential reading for anyone interested in Scotland and her people.

Scottish Castles and Fortifications Scottish Castles and Fortifications
By C.J. Tabraham

"Mighty fortresses and more humble fortified towers are prominent and compelling features of the Scottish landscape. Who were they built for? Why? This book sets out to unravel the mystery but not dispel the romance guiding the reader through the fascinating stories of Scotlands Castles and fortifications".

Scottish Interest
Scottish Witchcraft: the History and Magick of the Picts Scottish Witchcraft:
the History and Magick of the Picts

By Ray Buckland
The Scottish Golf Guide The Scottish Golf Guide
By David Hamilton, Harry Horse (Illustrator), Sean Connery

Scotland gave golf to the world. With more golf courses per head than any other country, it is still a golfer's paradise. Scotland's strength lies in the host of enjoyable courses throughout the land which welcome visitors, and this book helps visitors to find these clubs. A complete list of every course in Scotland, revised and updated for this edition.

Scottish Women's Fiction, 1920s to 1960s Scottish Women's Fiction, 1920s to 1960s
By Carol Anderson, Aileen Christianson

Conveying a sense of the growth, development and variety of fiction by women in 20th-century Scotland, this volume provides historical and cultural context for the detailed discussion of 11 novels. It features works by such authors as Catherine Carswell, Willa Muir and Muriel Spark.

Scotch Whisky
Scotch Whisky Scotch Whisky
By Gavin D. Smith

A pictorial record of the Scottish distilling industry and its development. It should appeal to the whisky connoisseur and expert who has previously only encountered occasional "archive" pictures in more general whisky books. The photographs have been chosen by a leading whisky writer with an extensive knowledge of Scottish social history, and his accompanying captions enhance and explore the pictures which illuminate the process of whisky production from a small-scale, largely farm-based business into one of Scotland's leading export earners and most internationally identifiable products.

cover Scotch and Irish Whisky
By Carol P. Shaw

This new edition reflects 1990s developments in the whisky industry in Scotland and Ireland. It offers information on over 150 whiskies including single and vatted malts, grain and liqueur whiskies, and most popular blends; details of bottling ages, strength and the availability of miniatures; explanations of how whisky is produced, the different types of whisky available and the varying characteristics of regional malts; and a personal tasting log.

cover Scotch Whisky
By David Daiches

Combines a social and economic history of Scotch whisky with personal tasting notes. The book looks into the histories of distilleries and questions stillmen, maltmen and brewers on the history of the drink.

cover The Making of Scotch Whisky
By John R. Hume, Michael Moss

This edition of "The Making of Scotch Whisky" takes account of the changes that have occurred in the industry since its publication in 1981. A 16-page colour section has been added as well as more than 150 black & white illustrations.

cover Mitchell Beazley Pocket Guide: Scotch Whisky Charles MacLean
By Charles MacLean

This fully updated encyclopedic guide to whisky is essential reading for anyone interested in whisky, whether a connoisseur or an enthusiastic novice. After offering a brief history of the subject, the book concentrates on Scotch whisky today.

cover Scotland and Its Whiskies
By Michael Jackson
Harry Cory Wright (Photographer)

"This beautiful coffee-table book is the pictorial companion to Michael Jackson's authoritative Whisky Companion. The author and his photographer Harry Cory Wright take us on a marvellous journey, from the lowlands across the isles to Orkney and south again to Speyside, drawing romantic and grandiose portraits of the great whiskies, the distilleries and their landscapes".

cover Visiting Distilleries
By Duncan and Wendy Graham

"Over 40 malt whisky distilleries in Scotland and Northern Ireland are detailed in this visitors' guide. The second part is an A-Z of all the relevant distilleries, cooperages and heritqge centres. Thes are detailed comprehensively and are given a 7-still rating for overall performance."

cover Classic Malt Whisky
By Ian Wisniewski

"This title tells all you need to know about malt whisky, from the processes of making it to the customs of imbibing it. An A-Z of brands with brief histories and tasting notes, plus advice on how to serve malt. This is a guide for anyone who enjoys a dram, or two, and wants to know more of the drink's culture, origins and technology."

cover The Single Malt Whisky Companion
By Helen Arthur

"This is a directory of more than 100 single malt whiskies, featuring expert tasting notes on each. There are photographs of labels and bottles, plus detailed maps of the area they originate from. There is information on every major Scottish distillery, in addition to selective coverage of the best whiskies from countries relatively new to single malt whisky production, such as Japan and New Zealand."

cover The Malt Whisky File
By John Lamond, Robin Tucek

"This is a comprehensive guide to both the famous, and little known, distilleries of Scotland and Ireland and to their malt whiskies. Hundreds of detailed tasting notes are included in this expanded and revised edition. "

Scottish Ghosts
Scottish Spectres By Dane Love Scottish Spectres
By Dane Love

Another ghoulish collection of over 200 hauntings from the Borders to Shetland. There are tales of the ubiquitous White, Grey and Green Ladies, spirits known as brownies who help with household chores but are easily upset, mischievous or even malicious poltergeists who attach themselves to individuals and phantom lone pipers whose eerie music drifts across the glens.

Scottish Ghost Stories By James Robertson Scottish Ghost Stories
By James Robertson

This is a collection of ghost stories based on a mixture of local history and folklore. Some, such as "The Hauntings of Glamis Castle" or "The Tale of Major Weir" are well known, while others are less familiar, such as "The Deil of Littledean".

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